About Clark / Floyd System of Care 

1 in 5...

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 1 in 5 youth, ages 13-18, experience a mental or behavioral health issue. 

Our Mission

  • Communities coming together to support the mental wellness of young people in the interest of building resilience and hope for families.


What is a System of Care?

  • System of Care is the connecting of all service delivery systems for youth and their families.

    • It incorporates a broad array of services and supports organized into a coordinated network. 

    • It is culturally and linguistically competent.

    • It builds meaningful partnerships with families and youth at service delivery, management and policy levels. 

    • It uses data to make informed decisions about services and policies.

We Work Together.

  • We collaborate with child service agencies and local communities to improve access to a full array of mental health and behavioral health services. 

Why Get Involved?

  • We need youth, families, providers and agencies that support and provide services to children and youth to get involved. Working together, we can help ensure mental health care and substance use treatment are available and accessible to children and youth. We need to encourage and facilitate collaboration among stakeholders.